Villa Tellina

This beautiful seaside villa, straight out of a fairytale, gets its name from the seashell Tellina Baltica. The main building, which includes reception and dining hall, was built in 1880 by railroad engineer Kronqvist for private use.

During the 2nd World War the villa went through a Russian occupation and served as both German and Finnish Hospital. It was at that time the seaside aisle was extended to its contemporary form. The little cabin, Mökki, lies on the cliffs on the seaside.

The little cabin, Mökki, lies on the cliffs on the seaside. It is made up of four single/tiny double rooms.

Villa Thalatta

Thalatta, derived from the Greek word for sea, lies in the central spot on the monument beach-park, across the street from Tellina.

Architect Bruno F. Granholm used a combination of Swiss- and tinkerer(carpenter) styles when he designed the villa for von Christiersons private home in 1893-94. It has functioned as a pensionat in 1910 and as a hospital during the 2nd World War. Marshal Mannerheim spent summers here and the general-suite upstairs is named after General Valve, who lived in the villa during the war.

Boställe, on the yard of villa Thalatta is a renovated 2nd WW horse stable, and it has four 2-3 person rooms with shower and toilet.

Pensionat Tellina & Thalatta

Sea. Sand. Sun.

Old villas resting on the rocky shores in the heart of idyllic Hanko.

When they first arrived in Hanko, in the 1880s, my great-grandparents Hilma and Edvin Westerlund knew the recipe for a successful summer-holiday. They became the first in the family to offer boarding.

Pensionat Tellina & Thalatta was founded in 1954 by my grandmother, Grand Old Lady Anna-Lisa Haahti and grandfather doctor Matti Haahti. Even now, some 60 years later, the same recipe still works and is used by the fourth generation.

You can still sense the mood of bygone days in these 19th century wooden villas. You will lose your heart to their slightly crooked walls, squeaky floors and old windows.

Windy shores, the same eternal waves and wondrous weather, a distinctive, immutable atmosphere awaits the adventurer.

We still believe in what we have built with love, in the most precious summer-memories that carry us through the tough times. We still want to offer an alternative with our personal and friendly villas.

Be it spring, summer, or autumn, we wish you a heartfelt welcome. Our doors are open.

Family tree

Chrisse, Mira and Edwin

Antti and Bigi

Matti and Anna-Lisa

Edvin, Hilma and Anna-Lisa

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