Hanko is Finlands most southern town waiting for you to discover it!

These historic and traditional villas are still alive and well. Beautiful beaches, the countrys largest guestharbour and above all the most gorgeous villas can be experienced in summertime Hanko. A trip to Hanko will surely surprise you. Try it!

“I feel deep pride and joy when I see a bridge between the past and the modern. What is needed between the world and man is something soft, timeless and authentic, something that is almost an adventure but at least an experience.

In the words of Eeva Kilpi, “When the youngest bride dances, the old world smiles.”

We say: when the oldest bride dances, there is an opportunity for all of us. And the old world dances with, as a valuable part of the new and the newly created, hand in hand with the young. We are not a hotel, B&B does not represent us, so let’s be a guest house. ”

Mira Haahti
The guest house’s host, picture and textile craftsman, illustrator
Guest House Tellina Thalatta

Villa Tellina

Villa Thalatta

Old villas are protected by the city, and represent a good old style of spending a holiday in Finlands sunniest summer city. We have 32 rooms and 70+ guest-beds. They are maintained by Hankos oldest travel-establishment, founded by Anna-Lisa and Dr. Matti Haahti. Reception and breakfast in Villa Tellina.

The reception is open as agreed

We read our email regularly / we answer the phone exceptionally little.

Reservations and enquiries by email.

The reception will open again for the summer -23!

+358 19 248 6356

Appelgrenintie 1-2, 10900 Hanko

Reception open
tue-sat 10–16
sun 10–13

Villa Tellina

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